Debunking Common Myths about Furnace Services and Heating Installations

Furnace and heating installation services are often misunderstood, leading to common myths that can prevent homeowners from making informed maintenance decisions. In this article, we debunk some of these myths specifically related to services offered by Lambert Heating & A/C Inc., servicing areas including Brandon, Sioux Falls, Crooks, Harrisburg, and Hartford, SD.

The Myth of Rarely Necessary Furnace Service

One common myth is that a furnace service is rarely necessary, especially if your unit is relatively new. The truth is, just like a car, your furnace requires regular service and maintenance to keep it running efficiently. This is crucial in areas such as Brandon, SD & Sioux Falls, SD, where a reliable heating system is pivotal during chilly winter months.

Expensive Furnace Repairs Myth

Another myth is that furnace repairs in areas like Crooks, SD & Hartford, SD are always expensive. On the contrary, emergency and preventive repairs by Lambert Heating & A/C Inc. are reasonably priced, and can save huge costs that could arise from more severe breakdowns in the future.

Myth of Complete Heating System Replacement

Homeowners in Harrisburg, SD are often misinformed that they need a complete heating system replacement if their heating bills rise. The truth is, a rise in heating costs can be due to several factors, including inefficient usage, leaks, poor insulation, among others. A systematic analysis by an expert can help identify the issue and recommend the right remedy, saving you needless replacement expenses.

‘Do-it-Yourself’ Heater Repair Myth

Last on our list is the myth of ‘do-it-yourself’ heater repair or heating system replacements in Tea, SD. While it’s possible to do basic maintenance, professional service guarantees the task is done correctly, safely, and with the right equipment, avoiding potential damage in the future.

It’s our mission at Lambert Heating & A/C Inc. to ensure your homes stay warm and cozy. By debunking these myths, we hope you can make better informed decisions about your heating systems. Reach out to us for any queries, or to schedule a service appointment!