Debunking Common Myths about Air Conditioning

Are you still believing in outdated air conditioning myths? The time has come to debunk those misconceptions as we take a closer look at the facts about air conditioning installation and maintenance. Keep reading to see how Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc., a leading provider of air conditioning solutions, disproves typical falsehoods about the HVAC industry.

The Myth of Constant HVAC Maintenance

The first myth we aim to debunk is that your air conditioning unit requires constant, almost daily intervention for it to remain in optimum condition. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Both the heating and cooling systems of your HVAC only require regular servicing, typically once or twice a year, depending on its use. However, the filters must be changed every month.

The Myth that Bigger is Always Better

Another popular misconception revolves around the size of the air conditioning system. Many believe that a bigger system is always a better choice as it cools the room faster. However, choosing the size of an air conditioning system should be primarily based on the size of your room. A larger system in a small room will lead to unnecessary energy consumption and result in an uneven cooling effect.

Debunking the ‘AC Uses More Energy than the Heater’

The third myth that we aim to debunk revolves around your system’s energy consumption. Many have been misled into believing that air conditioners consume more energy than heaters. This statement is false. The energy consumption of your HVAC system greatly depends on its efficiency, the climate, and how well your house is insulated. You can further reduce energy consumption by setting a fixed thermostat temperature, sealing all gaps in your doors and windows, and changing the filters often.

If you are looking for professional help for your Air Conditioning installation and HVAC services, feel free to verify the facts with us at Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. We value quality service above all and are more than willing to assist in keeping your systems running efficiently.