Surviving Winter With Katham Industries!

It’s no secret that New Jersey winters can make a Yeti shiver. But at Katham Industries, we’ve got a hot fix to keep you cozy. Whether your tootsies demand a toastier air flow, or your entire furnace has shivered its last, we’ve got your back!

Need a Furnace Replacement?

Don’t be “that guy” wrapped in 10 layers of winter clothing inside his own home. It’s a fashion disaster, to say the least. Let our expert technicians help you with top-notch Furnace Replacement service. Get ready to swap out your icicle collections for a warm, inviting living space.

Heater Installation Done Right.

Hankering for a home spa experience minus the spa? Katham Industries will bedazzle you with a heater installation service that’s so brilliant, even your pet iguana will approve!

Feeling frosty in Englewood? Colder than a polar bear’s nose in Bergensfield? Never fear, whether you need Heating Repairs, Furnace Repairs, Heating or Furnace service in River Edge or Haworth, NJ, remember – Katham’s one call away! Our team of certified superheroes ensures your winter survival at the tip of their blowtorches. Warm up with Katham!