Maximize Cooling Efficiency with Expert Guidance

AC Service and Maintenance

Regular routine maintenance is essential for ensuring your air conditioning system runs smoothly and efficiently. During a professional tune-up, our technicians will:

  • Clean and inspect all components
  • Check refrigerant levels and recharge if necessary
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Calibrate the thermostat

Air Conditioner Repair

If your AC unit is experiencing issues, don’t hesitate to call our experienced technicians. We can quickly diagnose and repair problems such as:

  • Compressor failure
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Frozen coils
  • Electrical malfunctions

Ductless HVAC Systems

Ductless systems offer efficient cooling and heating without the need for extensive ductwork. They are ideal for:

  • Room additions
  • Older homes without existing ductwork
  • Zoned climate control

No matter your HVAC needs, Comfort Plus Services is here to provide reliable, professional solutions to keep you comfortable all year round.